Clogs from my pipes disappear instantaneously

Clogs from my pipes disappear instantaneously

By Antonia Martinez -  Palatine, Illinois

Managing work and home improvements and maintenance is really stressful at times. Especially if you do not know what to do. I consider myself an amateur in home maintenance, especially in the things we don't see on the surface. I never knew how tedious it is cleaning pipes and removing clogs in them.

I never knew how an ungodly amount of hair can be stuck on my shower drainage in just one month. I thought to myself that maybe it is just best to call in the plumber to deal with this, but a coworker of mine tells me it can all be done with myself with the right tools. And he introduced me to a tool that will help me in all my piping needs.


Introducing, the DrainX 25 FT Heavy Duty Ergonomic Load Support Drain Auger, or Drian X for short. This drain auger, or drain snake for simpler terms solves my pipe issues the moment it arrived from Amazon. For just an affordable price of $24.99, it comes in with a one year warranty and easy to follow instructions that even an amateur like myself can use it like a professional, albeit a few trial and errors here and there.

The clogs from my pipes disappear instantaneously when I used this bad boy. And the scum from my sink flushed so easily, it's like there's no clog to begin with. I am truly satisfied and would like to spread the word out to the people who wants to have a tool to take care of their home and make improvements with their drainage. Why not try this one out?